“Katie is so authentic and genuine in her practice of spiritual healing. The joy she has in healing souls through crystal energy is clear and proved not only in her preparation but in the devotion she puts forth during a session. Katie has a strong sense of what needs to be released and how to aid the body in collecting positive energy to shed what it no longer needs. I left my session with Katie feeling “lighter,” and in the days immediately following I felt an even deeper urge for change. Something I hadn’t felt or wasn’t recognizing, came to the surface in me. Katie provides a true gateway to vibrational energy and I look forward to continuing my sessions regularly.”


“Katie is a true facilitator of divine pure energy. My crystal healing session with her is beyond explanation. She opened up a porthole and enabled me to access a higher power revealing to me what some have explained similar to a Ayahuasca experience. I became fully conscious in the moment of the healing session with Katie, and it revealed to me hidden wisdom and messages that I have been able to carry into my life by making more conscious decisions when it comes to all aspects of my life. I feel like my instinct and intuition have been stronger ever since the treatment. I highly recommendKatie as a trusted practitioner with a beautiful and powerful gift as a healer.”


“The experience I had with Katie was far more powerful than anticipated! It’s difficult to put into words, but I went on a spiritual journey that touched my soul. It helped me release years of emotional baggage and free me from self-limiting obstacles. Katie intuitively guided me through the cathartic session with ease so that I could handle such a dramatic release. I was amazed by the intensity of the session. Katie really helped me. I highly recommend trying a session with her! You will really FEEL a difference!”


“Katie along with her knowledge, warmth, and ease of accessing healing energy helped me to feel like there was magic in my veins. After my session with her I was more in-tune with the positive energy of the world around me and inside of me. I felt like I might float off the earth if not for my desire to keep my feet close to the ground to share my experience with others. She helped me move past old attachments, focus on the positive of future, and I’m still smiling. Treat yourself to the ease of bliss and have a healing session with this Indigo Child today. ”